Thursday, April 11, 2013

Experiments in the cold

In the northern part of  the Yukon, Canada has about a kilometer of probes buried into the ground to determine the status of permafrost and its temperature.

We, too, decided to do a little research when we discovered that the water in the car froze, but Diet Coke did not.

I tried looking up Diet Coke's freezing point on the Internet.

No specific number is given.

They say it is higher than Regular Coke's 30 degree freezing point.

That's because the sugar in regular Coke has a lot more "solutes" to lower it's freezing point.

All I find is that Diet Coke's is just below 32.

So I guess the temp inside the car was barely below 32, but not down to Diet Coke's

On a related subject once we got Internet in Alaska......
I also researched at what temperature our Port-A-Potty might freeze and break it's plastic container.

Cindy says that is T.M.I.

But for those with "Enquiring Minds".....
It's 5 degrees below water's freezing point
for the "average" content (and less for the early morning samples).

Well, enough on that subject.
(there is so much time to think during a long car ride)


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