Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friends along the way

You might think that traveling the Alcan is a lonely, lonely trip

Yes, the distances are long, and there are times you do not see a car for hours.

But, look at what's around you.

Appreciate the solitude.

And realize that you will make friends along the way......
like the guy we called Homer
(since we never asked his name and knew that Homer was where he was going...
to take procession of his new fishing boat).

There is s rhythm among travelers.
And Homer and us had it the same.
Every time we pulled into a gas station, Homer was either there or soon to arrive.
And the same happened each night when we arrived at our motel or in the morning when we were ready to leave:
Homer had also spent the night.

So we'd take our time and picnic by lake Kluane

and watch the the melting ice evaporate into a fog

because we knew that if ever we had car trouble, Homer or another fellow traveller would be close-by and stop to give us aid.


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