Thursday, April 4, 2013

Going back "home"

We are on the way back home to Kodiak and hope to check out the differences that one month makes on traveling the Alaska Highway.

Of course we made a few stops, even before getting to Canada. This is Craters of the Moon National monument, about one hour west of IH 15 as you travel from Utah into southern Idaho.

How it looks, depends on the time of day.

Here it is early in the morning.

Bleached out in the mid-day sun.

And here's a pic of the setting sun light behind a "mountain" of lava.

We were lucky that they opened it 2 weeks earlier than the usual,
due to an absence of snow.

Because of that, there was only one more visitor in the entire park overnight with us!
No cell phone, no electricity, no water, and hardly any people!
What could be more soothing than that?

But if you think that was not worth stopping for....
just look at what the nearest city has given to the world!

Yes, a definite place for EVERYONE'S bucket list of places to visit in the great USA !


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