Friday, April 5, 2013

Crossing the border

We crossed the border from Montana into Alberta at noon yesterday. With a little planning, took us only half an hour.

At the Montana RV camp they told us all the Winter Texans would be crossing bright and early. So we slept a little late and hoped they'd be through by the time we got there. And indeed they had already crossed.

 Here's the line behind us and the line in front of us...
withvery few RV's are there to block our progress.

And once get get through, we thought we were still in Montana

because the hills are low and the fields are perfectly plowed.

But, as we go past Calgary, we start to recognize we are now in the "north".

And then we notice the sun is up...

but hidden by those well known grey skies.

And, so, we realize that
we have, indeed, crossed the 42nd parallel !


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