Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ice-caked tire wells

According to what the folks in Ft Nelson, BC told us last month,
when we returned in April, we should encounter clear roads and 40 degrees weather.

That was not the case.

Well, here is a picture:

It's the front tire-well of our van.

So much ice has formed in it from driving over snow and slush,
that it created a horrible noise
when I tried to turn sharply into the motel parking lot.

Makes me wonder what would happen if I suddenly had to turn the wheel sharply at 100 km/h.

So I decided, form then on, to stop every hundred miles and chisel off the ice with my hammer & screwdriver.

It's just part of the "experience" of driving the Alcan in winter.

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Raul Rio said...

What about getting some de-icing fluid to spray on. Also, I use WD-40 on the snow thrower chute tokeep ice from forming when we have really wet snow.