Sunday, April 28, 2013

Whalefest T-shirt

We bought a Whalefest T-shirt.

But I wonder if we shouldn't wear this in the lower '48.

PS I guess I should expand on this.

The Gray Whales we see here were actually born just west of Baja California in Mexican waters. They return here on their way to the Bering Sea each Spring to fatten up. Once it's Autumn/Winter, they return South to lounge around, breed, and birth their young there. But food is not abundant there, 'cause they return here pretty skinny.

There is one cluster of whales that goes to the waters off Hawaii. But, I have heard that a few have been identified Wintering off Japanese waters. And then mixing in with our whales. Don't know how true it is, but it was in a documentary.

In any case, those whales just have NO respect for national border, do they?


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