Sunday, April 7, 2013

Buffalo eating

We saw about a half dozen of these guys by the side of the road and decided to stop.

Meanwhile we spot one just resting,
so we get out of the car

and to get a closer look, we approach up to the berm created by the snow plow.

Suddenly we notice movement about 10 feet behind the berm.
I press the button and keep taking pictures as fast as the camera allows,
not knowing what is going on, just seeing motion right behind the snow bank in front of us.

This is what showed up in the camera:

This guy, whom we didn't know was there, slowly stands up...

looks at us

and just licks his lips with his tongue.
Then bows down his head and starts eating the buried grass. under the snow.,

We, slowly back away,
get in the car,
and give thanks for our good luck.

But when we reach the next herd we feel more confident
and (this time on purpose)
get close enough to see them eat.

There they were, with their faces buried in the snow.
They didn't seem to be affected by our presence.

Then one lifts his face, snorts

looks  at us,

and returns to digging for more grass.

It's been just another day on the AK Highway!


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